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About Us

The Scraffer Shop is run in a very co-operative way. In some respects it is just a marketplace for selected artists to sell their work and recieve the lions share of the profits.

Most of the items in the store aren't held by Scraffer but rather by the artists themselves. Once the order comes in we forward them the money and they ship the item out to you. This means that we don't have to add a large profit margin for us as we do very little.

The reason we run the store as a BigCartel is because, however unimaginative it is, the fact is they work, and they don't crash when they have large traffic. People are familiar with them and you can 100% trust the payment system.

If you have any questions about commissions or if you want to see what else the artist has available then feel free to contact us using the 'Contact Us' form below.

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